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Creating space for spirit - Melbourne, Australia

What are 'spirited spaces'? Organisational 'spirit' is hard to define but we usually know how it feels and notice when it's absent.

When the spirit is moving, it can look like any or all of the following:

Using words like 'positive energy', 'creativity', 'generative', 'collaborative', 'purposeful', 'playful', 'generous' and 'safe-to-fail'.

Trusting each other with our gifts and vulnerabilities, seeking to redress harm, setting things right when relationships are damaged, and forgiving each other’s mistakes.


Taking responsibility for what we love, as an act of service.

Making intentional space to slow down, dream, risk silence, wait rather than force, and reflect on what work is fruitful and what we need to let go of.

Waiting patiently for the world to reveal what it needs, rather than heroically trying to imprint our desires and actions onto the world.

Michael Wood has over 20 years' experience working with teams, groups, organisations and individuals across Australia to collaboratively create spirited spaces. Michael's first book, 'Practicing Peace: Theology, Contemplation, and Action', was shortlisted in the Sparklit Australian Christian Book of the Year Awards (2023)

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