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Practicing Peace: Theology, Contemplation and Action

This book is about the practice of peace in daily life. Although most of us want peace, we often struggle to live it. Someone annoys us and we find ourselves in a vortex of conflict. When we care deeply about something it can be easy to burn relationships if we encounter people whose values differ from ours. We may ask ourselves, "How can we make a positive difference in the world without diminishing others or ourselves?" Michael Wood explores the practice of peace through the lenses of theology, contemplation, and action. Containing numerous real-life anecdotes, thought-provoking questions, and practical tools, this is a useful resource for anyone who wants to foster peace in their family, workplace, or community.

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On "Theology" and Peace

Michael talks to Paul Axton, host of the Forging Ploughshares podcast, about how the struggle of being a parish priest led him to realize that a different approach to leadership was necessary to deal with the internal and external dynamics of violence in personal and organisational life. 

On "Contemplation" and Peace

Michael talks to Sarah Bachelard, from Benedictus Contemplative Church (Canberra, Australia) about how to practice peace in a divided world.

On "Action" and Peace

Michael joins Dom Fay, Peter Catt and Sue Wilton from St John's Cathedral (Brisbane, Australia); to talk about emergence, and the liberating power of creating space that releases creativity, enables dialogue and nurtures a different way of being community.

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