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Leadership Companioning Spaces

Leadership is about making a difference in the world regardless of formal organisational position. ​Leadership is therefore an act of courage as people take responsibility for what they love as an act of service.

Because leadership can sometimes be lonely, some people find it very helpful to be able to bounce ideas off a skilled listener, gain greater clarity and perspective, refocus on what goals are most important and develop a structured reflective practice.


Leadership companioning is a coaching-informed relationship which provides a calm and generous space for reflecting on vocation, values,  friendships, family, community and work. 


​"Michael is thoughtful and considered in his approach. He helped me see the resources, internal and external, that I had at my disposal. Michael is non-judgmental and I felt comfortable talking to him about a range of topics."

- Manager in Public Health

"I gained much from the [coaching] experience. Michael has challenged me; helped me to question my decision-making process; and to re-evaluate the many ungrounded assessments that may have been biasing or impacting upon my decision making. Coaching has given me the time to reflect on the many issues required by Principalship in a structured manner. It has provided a framework for future decision making and demanded that I lead the school with a greater clarity by developing a greater appreciation for myself and learning to take better care of myself in the workplace".

- School Principal

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