The Practice of Peace


In my vocation as an Anglican Priest and Professional Coach/Facilitator, I work across church and ‘secular’ worlds. A foundational question which has shaped much of my vocation has been how we can take a holistic approach to living peacefully. 

I found that 'practicing peace' is a creative interplay between 'inner work' and 'outer work'. Inner work means listening to the dialogues we have within ourselves about what is important and the ways in which we choose to take personal responsibility for the quality of our relationships with others. 'Outer work' involves cultivating practices of communication which create safe conditions for respectful dialogue about things we may sometimes disagree about vigorously (conflict is not necessary a 'bad' thing. Conflict shows that people care. The challenge is how we navigate conflict so that it becomes creative rather than destructive).

The processes outlined in this website are practical ways of creating conditions in which peace becomes more possible, not by excluding conflict but by bringing different voices into creative dialogic engagement with each other.

​The photographs on this web site were taken by Michael Wood at


Koora Retreat Centre, Western Australia (