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Creating Space for Spirit


What is organisational ‘spirit’? It’s hard to define but we usually know what it feels like and when it is absent.  When the spirit is moving, we might use words like positive energy; creativity; generative of life; collaborative; purposeful; playful; generous; safe-to-fail. Maybe we see people really trusting each other with their gifts and their vulnerabilities, forgiving each other’s mistakes and human frailties. We might observe people being clear about why they are doing what they do in the service of others and the planet.


Maybe we see people making intentional space to slow down, risk silence, wait rather than force, dream, and be genuinely reflective about what work is fruitful and what they need to let go of. Maybe they are not always heroically trying to imprint themselves on the world but patiently waiting for the world to reveal what it needs.

I have worked with teams, groups, individuals, and organisations in every Australian state to collaboratively create spirited spaces.  Use the Spaces for Spirit tab to read stories.

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