Team Relationships


Most of us have to work in and with other people. Sometimes we get lucky and the group hums along happily and productively. We also know that there will be inevitable conflict. This typically occurs when conversations which need to happen are not actually happening. Stories about other people get created and conflict goes into hallway, elevator or bar room bickering.


However, conflict does not need to be destructive. Conflict can be a symptom that people care deeply about something - it's just that those differences have not been named and worked through with each other. We are not all genius communicators and thankfully we don't all need to be. Attending to the creation, maintaining, and repair of relationships is helped greatly by attention to process-design. If a team learns and consistently applies some simple shared principles and practices, the team can generally achieve long term effective relationships.


We can work with you and your team to reflect on the way it is working together, get the communications clear, and develop ongoing commitments for consciously checking in with each other to maintain relational health.  ​​​