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Teamwork Spaces

Teams are most effective and sustainable when they they create a regular ‘time out to check in’. This generally includes (re)focussing on who is being served and why; core purpose; what is working well and what isn't; and strategic and operational coordination. We help co-create spaces for these kinds of conversation.




Reconnecting with story, purpose and intention

As one of many such examples, an Aboriginal Corporation partnered with us on a lightly-facilitated weekend residential retreat where members could do the self-managed work that they needed to do to reconnect with story, core purpose, shared intentions, review what was working well and what needed a tweak.  It was also a time of deepening relationships and trust.


A facilitated circle conversation on wellbeing

A work group in a university was noticing that although they worked together well together professionally, they were all experiencing tiredness and fatigue due to the relentless demands of COVID-19, along with some broader organisational change. The group came together for a facilitated circle conversation, focused on their personal wellbeing and they could support each other. Using a coaching-based  approach, the workshop invited participant into gentle self-reflection/awareness, rather than ‘teaching’ them text-book strategies.

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